Christos Papakostas

South Brevard Florida Workshop

October 2013

Christos with Kelley and Linda

Christos (back to camera) relaxes while discussing dance

Bernice and Marilyn present evening snacks with a Halloween theme

Christos is better known in Hellenic circles in Europe and Canada, and has just begun bringing his exciting blend of dance and culture to this country. On his first U.S. teaching tour in spring 2012, he taught to much acclaim at Detroit camp, in the Midwest, and across the East Coast. He has taught at workshops for the Susquehanna Folk Music Society, the Phoenix Folkdancers and the Laguna Festival. We are very happy to support his current tour which will bring him from Athens to Melbourne FL, Tarpon Springs FL, Charlottesville VA, Columbia MD, St. Louis MO, Ovarland Park KS, and then back to Athens.

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Greek Folklorist


Dance Instructor

Percussion Instructor