Vlasto was born on July 29th, 1957 in Romanovce, Kumanovo, R. Macedonia. His love of folklore sparked early in his childhood and in 1970 he became a member of the folk dance group “Cvetan Dimov” in Skopje. As a high-school student, he transferred to the academic folk dance group “Mirce Acev” where he was a member for four years. In 1977, Vlasto auditioned for the national ensemble of folk dances and songs, Tanec, and was hired to work as a folk dancer and singer. In 1986- 1987 Vlasto also worked as the choreographer of the folk dance group “Grigor Prlicev” in Skopje. Vlasto worked in Tanec until 1995, building a wealth of experience in presenting the Macedonian folklore and culture.

In 1995, Vlasto, together with his family, emigrated to Canada. As soon as May 1996, he restarted the Macedonian folk dance group “Ilinden” of St. Ilija Macedonian Orthodox Church in Mississauga, ON. Vlasto has tirelessly contributed his time and energy in presenting the rich Macedonian folklore to younger generations of children. However, he could not have accomplished all that he has without the loving support of his wife, Karolina, through all of the endeavours. He passed on his love of sharing the rich Macedonian folklore to his children, Emilija and Marjan, who were one of the top-performing dancers in the folk dance group “Ilinden” in Mississauga. Vlasto also shared his love of Macedonian folklore to the young children of St. Bogorodica Macedonian Orthodox Church in Cambridge, OM as well as managing the newly-formed group “Tanec” from St. Nedela Macedonian Orthodox Church in Ajax, OM, for one year. From October, 2012 until May, 2016 he managed the folk dance group “Vezilka” from St. Nedela Macedonian Orthodox Church in Ajax, ON. As of November, 2014, Vlasto manages the adult folk dance group “Zdravec” from St. Dimitrija Solunski Macedonian Orthodox Church in Markham, ON. In November, 2014, Vlasto joined the international dance groups for adults in Hamilton, ON, managed by Stefanija M., and Toronto, ON, managed by Olga Sandolovich. Last year in August, 2017 Vlasto taught Macedonian folk dances at Mainewoods International Folk Dance Camp in Fryeburg, Maine, USA.